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02/20/2012 #311fromjapan on Lang-8 (2) 大震災の直後に、一番不便だったこと


I thought that it was a real disaster when we had the three major utility failure, especially when we found water inavailable.


Water failure made us refrain from going to the toilet!!!!

We were too used to flushing water after doing our business, so many of us became at a loss when were told to relieve ourselves at the outdoor toilet by the swimming pool WITH A BOTTLEFUL OF WATER FROM THE POOL.

Some drugstore available at that time sold more urine bags as usual, for those who didn’t want to use outdoor toilets.
Even a tip for vowel motion at places without any water was introduced on the local radio.
I never wanted to try it.

I feel horrible even now imaging how it would have been like if I had had a stomach trouble on a few days after that giant earthquake.








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