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2012/03/05 #311fromjapan on Lang-8 (3) アクアマリンふくしまに想いを馳せる


Aquamarine Fukushima opened on July 15, 2000.
At that time, I didn’t go there.
I visited Oarai Aquarium instead since it is the nearest to my home.

I visited Aquamarine Fukushima with my family in August 2006, six years after its opening.
I thought it was more interesting than Oarai Aquarium!
Sauries were so great, but what moved me the most was the film about coelacanth research by aquarium staff.

I knew for the first time that coelacanth was a live-bearing fish!
I had pet fish from March 2002 to February 2011, so I was afraid I had to wait for years till the aquarium reopened since I assumed it would take a very long time to establish all the fish tanks again through my experience of keeping pet fish.

One summer day in my lessons, I found a coelacanth charm on one of my students’ pencil case, whose parents were from Eastern Fukushima.
He told me that he visited Aquamarine Fukushima, which reopened on July 15 last year, on the same date as its foundation.
I could imagine that he loved Fukushima very much and was so depressed by the 03/11 giant quake.








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