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03/14/2012 #311fromjapan on Lang-8 (5) 福島の「沈黙の春」


Last Sunday, March 11, I visited Hirono Town in Fukushima with my son and younger daughter.
Hiroshi Sekiguchi and other newscasters documented the devastated zone in protective gear on the TV Show “Sunday Morning.”

After the TV show, I thought I had to see what happened in Fukushima after the massive earthquake and the nuclear plant explosion.
“Today is a mourning day for the Japanese. I will go to the edge of the evacuation zone. I recommend you come with me”.
I encouraged my children to see the abandoned area in Fukushima.

We went up Joban Highway to Hirono, the current terminal sport of it.
Right after passing Iwaki Junction, the towns beneath the highway became deadly quiet.
It was never be called a peaceful silence!
There were no passengers, no farmers working, and no vehicles going by.
No shops were open, all houses seemed locked, and residents’ cars were in their garages.
I thought all people in the town may have evacuated to other places.

Spring makes people happy, but the spring in Fukushima 2012 was the exception.








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