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自分のスナップショット 2

Hi, there!
I am yuko, just call me by the first name.
The username しば (shiba) derives from my family name used only among Japanese friends; there are so many Yukos in Japan, which often complicates us.
I am a high school teacher with 3 children who are 20, 18, 16 respectively.
My husband is also a high school teacher, so we are a teacher couple.
One difference between us is the working contract; my husband works full-time, and I work four days a week for shorter hours than my husband.
My 20 year-old daughter has worked at a factory 5 days a week in Mie Prefecture; there are currently four people at home.
This website has originally started since 2003 in order to keep my English-learning records.
At first, I had just written in what materials I chose or how long I studied a day in Japanese, and occasionally wrote my entries in English to document family events or popular sightseeing spots in my neighborhood.


I had mainly written my English entries in Lang-8, where people all over the world write diary entries in foreign languages and correspond with each other.
For the first few years, I wrote in my Lang-8 diary to have my English entries edited by native speakers of English for free.
The more entries I wrote in there, the more strongly I had yearned to practice speaking and have my English corrected on the spot.
I signed up for Rarejob in January, 2014, when was one and a half years after I tried my very first online lesson via Skype.


Unfortunately, my diary in Lang-8 has not been updated for a long time, which is a kind of improper thing for developing English skills.
Especially for those who rarely go abroad in any purpose, it’s crucial to recognize that we just can speak what we can write when it comes to foreign languages.
It’s very pity if we fail to express our feelings or opinions in English just because we don’t know the key words for them.
So — I’ve resolved to mumble in English at least once a day in Lang-8 or my Twitter to kick my bad habit.


Oh, I remember changing my Lang-8 account a couple of times, and had kept my old entries here!!
I hope I can use my current Lang-8 account for long this time.

Yuko / しば



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